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Homeowners Sought the Advice of the Best Builder in Orange County for Their Modern Custom Wine Cellar Project

The homeowners in Orange County needed an expert’s advice for their custom wine cellar project. They did not hesitate to contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, one of our trusted dealers in wine room construction in California. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to create a modern design that would complement the existing home of their clients and store hundreds of bottles in their collection. The finished product is impressive!

Custom Wine Cellar Designed with Modern Features by an Expert in Orange County

Wine appreciation isn’t just limited to California’s wine country. In fact, many people are leaving California for Orange County, but would like to keep their beautiful wine collections. If you are looking to collect wine, you’ll want a top-quality wine cellar designed by a local expert. Residential wine cellars with modern design are increasing in demand, and Custom Wine Cellar Orange County is here to help.

When you hire the best wine cellar builder and plan your project carefully, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Keep your wines safe for many years 
  • Add character to your space 
  • Increase the resale value of your property 
  • Impress guests  
  • Have easy access to your favorite wines

In Orange County, the owners of a sophisticated home wanted to transform a space into a c. During the construction of their home, they decided to build a climate-controlled wine room where they could store and display their small collection safely and attractively.

Orange County Residential Custom Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design
Orange County Residential Custom Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design

They sought the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction. They worked closely with the contractor to complement the luxurious design of the home. With creativity, passion, and expertise, they came up with a wine room that boasts contemporary appeal. The total capacity of this residential custom wine cellar is 290 bottles.

Contemporary Metal Custom Wine Cellar Racks That Boast Luxury and Offer Many Benefits

Modern custom wine cellar racks are in demand among homeowners. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellar Orange County recommend the peg system and Millesime wine racks in building contemporary style wine rooms. They have clean lines and exude sophistication. Their sleek appeal makes them a favorite choice of interior designers, contractors, and builders.

Metal Wine Pegs: Why Orange County Experts Recommend Them

The metal wine pegs are increasing in popularity among homeowners. This type of wine storage system makes use of high-quality pegs or pins. Two pegs can hold one bottle in a horizontal position.

The panel walls or backer boards used are made from walnut, a type of hardwood known for its rich color and durability. Walnut has straight grains and exhibits colors that range from chocolate brown to yellowish tones.

Label-Forward Orientation

The label forward orientation provides convenience in the perusal of the wines. The labels are facing out, allowing the owners to see the wine’s description without having to flip the bottle. Moreover, the label forward configuration of the metal wine pegs also prevents the sediments from being disturbed. When you flip the bottle, the sediments will be disturbed and affect the texture and flavor of the wine.

3D Drawings of Peg and Millesime Metal Custom Wine Cellar Racks Orange County
3D Drawings of Peg and Millesime Metal Custom Wine Cellar Racks Orange County
Design Flexibility

When it comes to design, the metal wine pegs offer flexibility. They can bring any dull walls to life. You can arrange the wine pegs to create a wine display according to your aesthetic preference.

Ease in Increasing Bottle Capacity

If you are looking for an easy way to increase the capacity of your collection, the metal wine peg system is the perfect option for you. Unlike other types of wine racks, you do not have to modify your existing racking to increase its bottle capacity. You have to purchase more wine pegs to accommodate additional bottles. You may also increase your wine storage system from single to double or triple deep racking.

Designed to Protect Your Wines and the Labels

The wine pegs are made from high-quality materials and tested under actual wine cellar conditions. The pegs can be mounted onto any wood surfaces, masonry, or drywall. The pins are smooth to protect the wine labels from scratching off.

Label Forward Millesime Custom Wine Racks Installed in a Wine Cellar in Orange County
Metal Wine Pegs: Why Orange County Experts Recommend Them

One of the most reliable manufacturers of metal wine rack systems is Millesime. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellar Orange County has been using them for many years in building contemporary wine cellars.

Constructed with Durable Materials and Designed to Complement the Panel Walls

Millesime wine racks are made of anodized aluminum, a durable material that resists corrosion. To match the walnut panel walls, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added clear-coated caps made from walnut to each rail end.

LED Wine Cellar Lighting

When choosing a type of lighting for your wine cellar, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellar recommend LED (Light-Emitting Diodes). One reason we use this type of lighting in most of our projects is because of its low heat emission.

Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Too much heat exposure will affect the wine’s taste and aroma. Moreover, the LED lighting system illuminates the wine cellar with elegance without compromising the quality of the wines.

Glass Walls and Wine Cellar Doors

To completely seal this contemporary wine cellar in Orange County, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars installed dual pane glass walls and doors with stainless handles. Thermally insulated glass panels help prevent condensation from forming in the room. A lack or poor insulation will trigger mold growth and damage the quality of the wines and the structural integrity of the wine cellar. Additionally, mold in the cork will contaminate the wine.

Build Your Contemporary Residential Custom Wine Cellar with the Help of Experts in Orange County

This particular project in Orange County shows the expertise of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in designing residential custom wine cellar with form and function in mind. If you are looking for a reliable builder in Orange County, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (949) 994-9463

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