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Creating a Stunning Orange County Custom Wine Cellar Design – Steps Involved

Our team at Custom Wine Cellar Orange County is dedicated to creating a unique custom wine cellar design that meets every client’s storage needs and style preferences. You may choose to utilize our modular wine racks, 6-foot, 7-foot, or 8-foot series wine rack kits, or a completely customized wine rack design.

The Orange County custom wine cellar design team aims to provide a wine cellar design that will help you clearly visualize the final look of your wine cellar. Here, we discuss the steps in the wine cellar design process, for you to have a grasp of how it is done.

Step 1: Creating a Sketch of the Custom Wine Cellar Design

The first thing to do is to create a sketch of the space or room you want to turn into a wine cellar. This sketch is just a simple line drawing of the overhead view of the room. You should include the dimensions, wall labels (A, B, C, D, E, etc.), and doorway (note the direction where the door opens).

A Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design
A Unique Custom Wine Cellar Design
Wall Dimensions

For the wall dimensions, it is important that you measure the width of the wall at three points – bottom, center, and top. The design team will need to know the smallest of the three measurements because not all walls have a perfect square dimension. This helps the wine cellar designers determine the perfect wine rack measurements and eliminates the need for complicated adjustments during installation.

Ceiling Height and Other Fixtures

You also need to carefully measure the height of the ceiling on every corner of the room, and on the center of each wall. Take note of the exact location of certain fixtures such as light switches, electrical outlets and panels, piping or plumbing fixtures and panels, support and overhead beams, and air vents.

We take note of these details because generally, the wine racks are installed about four to six inches away from such fixtures. For the other details that you are not sure about, you can just take note of them on the sketch, so our designers can review it later.

Wine Cellar Design Consultation – Totally Free!

This is the exciting part. The discussion is usually over the phone that may take only 15 to 30 minutes.

Once we have your initial sketch, we discuss with you your specific plans on how to store, display, and manage your wine collection. Our designers will want to know your design specifications, the ambiance you want to achieve, your long-term storage plans, how you want your wine storage system to function, and the possible challenges with the design such as having an odd shaped room.

The Wine Cellar Design Package – Another Great Deal for FREE!

After the designers get all of your design specifications, they will make a 3D custom wine cellar design package for you to clearly visualize your custom wine cellar. The package includes:

  1. A Plan View
  2. Elevations
  3. High Quality 3D Views

The design already includes the dimensions, storage capacity, and of course, the proposed cost, which is highly competitive.

Review of the Custom Wine Cellar Design

After you receive your personal custom wine cellar design, one of our designers will give you a call to review every detail. We need to make sure that our clients understand every aspect of the design, and that all questions and clarifications are addressed before we proceed to the next steps.

Take note that we also include in the plan the wine cellar cooling unit, custom wine cellar door, lighting, and flooring. These vital elements ensure that your wine cellar functions efficiently and exude an aesthetic appeal.

No worries if you want to make some revisions. The Orange County Custom Wine Cellar Design team can cater up to two design revisions for FREE.

3D Wine Cellar Design
3D Wine Cellar Design

Project Kick-Off

It is customary for us to make sure that all your specifications are reflected in the wine cellar design, including your revisions. Before the products are manufactured, we need to secure your written approval and signature on the appropriate drawings.

After this, we will wait for your initial build deposit and formal project sign-off. Once done, we will start building your custom wine cellar in Orange County.

Wine Cellar Builders – Manufacturing your Wine Cellar Components

We conduct strict quality control inspection to make sure that the products we ship are in their best form.

The wood materials we use are architectural grade. Redwood, one of the wood species we use in the manufacture of wine racks, comes from sustainable forests in Northern California.

Just like the wine racking system, the other wine cellar components like the wine cellar cooling system, lighting, door, and flooring are all project managed. These components are securely packed and shipped directly to you.

Wine Cellar Builders – Installing your Custom Wine Cellar

The wine cellar builders at Custom Wine Cellar Orange County are all bonded, licensed and insured professionals. Therefore, we are confident to say that our team is very much knowledgeable and capable of completing your custom wine cellar project.

Our wine racks are typically easy to install. Some of the components of the wine racking system are fully assembled. If you want to do the installation yourself, you may possibly do so. Another option is to get the services of a local finish carpenter, contractor, or installer so they can finish the project for you.

Custom Wine Racks Designed by Experts in Orange County
Custom Wine Racks Designed by Experts in Orange County
A Beautiful Orange County Custom Wine Cellar Design
A Beautiful Orange County Custom Wine Cellar Design

Enjoy your New Custom Wine Cellar

Your new custom wine cellar is indeed a beautiful addition to your house or business. It will not only serve as a storage space, but also a facility for showcasing your fine wines and entertaining your guests for a wine tasting event or special occasion.

Custom Wine Cellar Orange County will be more than happy to help you fulfill your dream wine cellar, and it is our goal to make our clients feel pleased with the quality of our products and services. If ever you encounter some concerns on your custom or modular wine racks, you can call us right away.

Custom Wine Cellar Orange County is a member of the Wine Cellar Designers Group, which promotes high quality standards and workmanship in creating highly efficient and beautiful custom wine cellar.

So, let us work together and get started with your custom wine cellar design project now!