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How Experts in Orange County Build Effective Custom Wine Cellar with Efficient Wine Cooling Units

Serious wine collectors know and understand that an effective wine storage room is a requirement in aging their wines. Hiring an expert in Orange County to build your custom wine cellar is a smart idea. Keep in mind that a well-built wine room equipped with a reliable wine cooling unit is the solution to enjoying your wines for many years to come.

The Qualities of an Effective Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County: Correct Insulation and Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Investing in a wine room built by professional will safeguard your prized wines and allow them to age gracefully. Therefore, working with a creative builder and an HVAC expert will ensure that the conditions in your wine cellar are regulated. Installing the correct insulation and wine cellar cooling unit are two of the most critical elements in building effective custom wine cellar in Orange County.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is an Essential Component of Effective Wine Cellars in Orange County
Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is an Essential Component of Effective Wine Cellars in Orange County
Your Wine Room Must Be Prepared Correctly for Construction
Room Preparation Before Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation in an Orange County Home
Room Preparation Before Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation in an Orange County Home

For master builders, preparing the area to be utilized for wine cellar construction is a standard procedure. Room preparation is a requirement and not an option.

It involves framing the room, installing electrical wiring, adding a vapor barrier, and adding insulation. It should be done correctly by a knowledgeable company like Custom Wine Cellar Orange County. We have been providing wine storage solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our main goal is to create a safe wine cellar for our clients, and we always want to exceed their expectations.

Before hiring a wine cellar designer and installer in Orange County, do careful research about its background, portfolio, and customer reviews. It will help prevent costly mistakes in the future.

Creating an Airtight Seal in Your Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County: Why is It Important?

A refrigerated wine cellar should be constructed to seal in the cold air produced by the wine cellar cooling unit installed in it and prevent the warm air from entering. These goals can be achieved by insulating the wine room and adding a vapor barrier. At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, we have extensive knowledge on how to do them.

The Role of the Vapor Barrier in Creating Effective Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County

The vapor barrier prevents the formation of moisture or condensation because it creates a barrier between the interior and exterior areas of your wine cellar. It helps maintain a lower temperature in your wine room and regulates the humidity levels. It balances the environment in your wine cellar.

Without it, condensation will build-up, which will eventually damage the structural integrity of your wine cellar, the sealing ability of the cork, affect the quality of the wine, and ruin the wine labels. Typically, the vapor barrier is installed on the warmer side of the wall, between a foundation wall and the insulation.

Wine Cellar Insulation for the Walls and Ceiling Recommended by Orange County Experts

Insulating your wine cellar with the right material at the start of the construction will save your investment from being ruined. It can result in costly mistakes if you add the insulation or correct it later.

Adequate and correct wine room insulation provides the following benefits:

Wine Cellar Insulation and Cooling Unit Installation Completed by Orange County Wine Cellar Designers and Contractors
Wine Cellar Insulation and Cooling Unit Installation Completed by Orange County Wine Cellar Designers and Contractors
  • Allows your wine cellar cooling unit to function efficiently 
  • Reduced energy consumption  
  • Regulates the humidity levels in your custom wine cellar in Orange County 
  • Prevents mold growth  

There are various methods and materials used for insulating custom wine cellar. Orange County experts recommend the polyurethane closed-cell spray foam insulation because it acts as both an insulator and a vapor barrier. It is cost-savvy and effective. It does not require the use of plastic sheeting. When the foam expands (20-30 times its liquid size), it leaves no gaps, ensuring that no vapor will penetrate the walls.

Insulated Wine Cellar Door Manufactured by an Orange County Expert
Wine Cellar Door Insulation

Aside from the walls and ceiling, your wine cellar door must also be insulated to lock in the cold air and keep the warm air outside the room. At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, we install the following sealing components on every door: 

  • weather stripping to seal all the edges of your wine cellar door 
  • automatic door bottom to close the door automatically when someone left it open 
  • for glass doors, the glass panes are double-paned and thermally insulated
An Efficient and Ideal Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is Installed by an HVAC Expert in Orange County

In addition to sealing the wine room, the wine cellar cooling unit is another essential component in building wine cellars in Orange County. We team up with the following top-notch manufacturers of wine refrigeration systems to create safe residential and commercial wine storage facilities:

  • US Cellar Systems 
  • Wine Guardian Cooling Units 
  • WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems
  • CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling Units
  • KoolR  
  • Arctic

Keep in mind that utilizing the correct wine cellar cooling unit will save you money in the end. An efficient refrigeration system will ensure that the optimum conditions needed to age wines are achieved.

When choosing a climate-control system for your wine cellar, many factors should be considered. One of these is the amount of glass in your wine cellar.

At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, we perform a heat load calculation to determine the thermal load of your wine room. This process will help us select the wine cooling unit that meets the technical requirements for your wine cellar. It will prevent wine storage problems caused by inefficient cooling.

Keep in mind that glass is a poor insulator. Therefore, it affects the insulation value that has to be installed in your wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Projects Completed by Our Team in Orange County

Custom Wine Cellar Orange County has completed several wine cellar cooling installation and repair projects with the help of HVAC experts. Some of them are listed below:

  • Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit (KoolR) Installation Under the Stairs of an Orange County Home
  • CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project
  • Installation of Arctic Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in a Residential Home in Orange County

Build an Effective Custom Wine Cellar with a Reliable Cooling Unit Installed by Orange County Experts!

Do not allow a poorly constructed wine room damage your wine collection. Safeguard it by hiring a professional custom wine cellar builder, designer, contractor, and HVAC specialist in Orange County.

If you need help with choosing and installing a wine cellar cooling unit for your project, do not hesitate to call us at +1 (949) 994-9463. We also offer wine cellar refrigeration maintenance and repair.

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