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How Residential Custom Wine Cellar are Constructed by a Professional Builder in Orange County and the Benefits They Offer

If you are a wine lover who lacks knowledge about the requirements for proper wine storage, you are probably storing your wine collection in your kitchen cabinets, cardboard boxes, refrigerator, or on shelves. Custom Wine Cellar Orange County is here to help you! Our team is composed of experts who have been designing and building safe and beautiful custom wine cellar for homeowners.

Effective and Stylish Residential Custom Wine Cellar: How Experts Construct Them and Why They are Important

If you are serious about wine collecting, you should invest in a refrigerated wine room so you can protect your wines from external factors like heat, UV light exposure, odor, and vibration. Make sure that you consult with an expert to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

Standard Procedures That We Strictly Follow in Designing and Building Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County

At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, our team is composed of skilled designers and installers who can transform your space into an attractive wine storage and display area. Careful planning is the key to exceeding your expectations.

Assessment Stage

Assessment of the client’s needs (location and size of the room, number of bottles intended to be collected, financial requirements, etc.) In this stage, we will assess all of your needs to help us in determining the ideal wine racks, refrigeration system, door, and flooring for your wine cellar project. Skipping this crucial step will result in costly mistakes in the future. These problems can be avoided if you work with a professional and passionate builder.

Traditional Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County Installed with a Glass Door
Traditional Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County Installed with a Glass Door

We have to know the location and size of the room, the number of bottles you intend to collect, the overall appeal that you want to achieve, the existing decor of your space, and your financial requirements

Framing of the Room Before the Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction in Orange County Began
Framing of the Room Before the Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction in Orange County Began
Creating a Custom Design After Gathering the Essential Information About the Client’s Requirements

We will collect relevant information that will help us decide the features to incorporate into your wine cellar design. Then, we will start creating CAD drawings. The 3D images will help you visualize your dream residential custom wine cellar in Orange County.

When you decide to work with us, you will be provided with a free 3-dimensional rendering of your wine room. The design package includes different plan views, elevations, racking styles, dimensions, and bottle capacities.

You can make changes, and we will wait for your approval before we start the installation process.

Construction Phase: Framing the Room

The first step in the construction phase is framing the room. After this, we will install the electrical wiring and plumbing, insulation, and vapor barrier. As an experienced builder, we always make sure your walls, ceiling, door, and flooring have the correct insulation.

We know and understand the importance of creating an airtight seal in every wine cellar equipped with a wine cellar cooling unit. Failure to do so will cause wine storage problems.

Installation of the Wine Cellar Cooling System

Your wine cooling unit is the most vital component in building a wine cellar. It plays a significant role in achieving the optimum conditions required for long-term storage. Our team performs a heat load calculation, a process that will help us determine the insulation value required for your wine room. Additionally, calculating the heat load will also aid in choosing the ideal type, size, brand, and model of wine cellar cooling system to be installed.

Trusted wine cellar refrigeration manufacturers supply us with efficient cooling solutions for our Orange County projects. We have been using their products for many years now.

  • WhisperKool wine cooling units
  • CellarPro wine cooling systems
  • Wine Guardian refrigeration units 
  • US Cellar Systems wine cooling units

Our HVAC specialist will discuss with you the options and features of the wine refrigeration system that suits your needs. Keep in mind that the type of wine cooling unit will be based on the location and size of your custom wine cellar in Austin and the availability of an exhaust room.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by Master Builders in Orange County, California
Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by Master Builders in Orange County, California

Experience the Benefits of Investing in a Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County

More and more homeowners are investing in a climate-controlled wine room because of many reasons. Well-designed custom wine cellar offer many benefits, including proper storage, increased value of your property, and an enhanced drinking experience.

Beautiful Residential Custom Wine Cellar Built by Orange County Designers and Installers
Beautiful Residential Custom Wine Cellar Built by Orange County Designers and Installers
Ideal for Long-Term Storage

Achieving the ideal wine storage environment requires technical skills and knowledge. Wines intended for long-term storage have to be kept in a climate-controlled wine cellar. The ideal temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the humidity level should range from 60 to 70 percent.

You cannot store your wines in areas where the conditions are unstable. Temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels will spoil your wines. You do not want your favorite vintages to go to waste.

If you work with us in building your residential custom wine cellar, you will have peace of mind because we care for your wines. We are knowledgeable about the technical requirements for building wine cellars that are capable of storing wines in a perfect environment.

A Unique Custom Wine Cellar Increases the Value of Your Home in Orange County

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, a functional and stylish custom wine cellar will increase its value. It is a unique feature that can entice potential buyers to purchase your property.

You Can Have a Beautiful Place for Entertaining and Easy Access to Your Fine Wines

If you love to host wine-tasting parties, a tastefully designed custom wine cellar will provide a comfortable and elegant place for entertaining friends. You can add a wine bar next to your wine cellar or within your wine cellar. Moreover, you will also have easy access to your collection.

Invest in a Residential Custom Wine Cellar for Your Home in Orange County

Whether you have a few or a hundred wines in your collection, we recommend that you invest in a residential custom wine cellar built by a top-notch designer and installer in Orange County. If you need help, do not hesitate to call us at +1 (949) 994-9463

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