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Wine Cellar Lighting

If you have the wrong lighting installed in your wine cellar, do not be surprised if one day, you find out that some of your wines have an unpleasant taste or smell. You will regret not hiring a reliable builder. Custom Wine Cellar Orange County knows and understands the importance of choosing and installing your lighting system correctly.

Choosing the Right Wine Cellar Lighting with the Help of an Expert in Orange County

In wine cellar construction, every process must be performed by a knowledgeable team, or else your project will fail. One mistake can be costly and even result in the loss of your wine collection.

At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, we always ensure that every step in building refrigerated wine rooms is followed thoroughly to protect our client’s investment. One of these crucial processes is identifying the most suitable type of lighting for the project and installing it correctly so it can perform its role efficiently.

After discussing all of your aesthetic, functional, and financial needs, we will help determine the perfect lighting option for your wine storage facility.

Choose a Wine Cellar Lighting Expert in Orange County
Choose a Wine Cellar Lighting Expert in Orange County

What is the Role of the Lighting System in Your Wine Cellar?

This Wine Cellar Lighting Illuminates the Archway Display in one of Our Projects in Orange County
This Wine Cellar Lighting Illuminates the Archway Display in one of Our Projects in Orange County

Your lighting system not only illuminates the entire wine cellar but also highlights specific areas in your racking. Many people think that they can use an ordinary light bulb in their wine cellar. Doing so can put your wines at risk. Since wine is sensitive to heat and light, it is advisable that you hire a professional. At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, we want to set the right mood in your wine room without compromising your wine’s quality.

A Safe Wine Cellar Lighting System Installed by an Expert in Orange County Should Provide Ample Light with Low Heat Emission

We, at Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, use LED lights in both residential and commercial applications. This lighting system provides ample light for moving around the room and reading the wine labels. It is safe because it does not emit excessive heat compared to incandescent or ordinary light bulbs.

Keep in mind that a hot environment will affect the cork’s sealing ability. It will shrink, become brittle, and lose its elasticity. A decrease in the cork’s size will allow an unwanted amount of air to enter the bottle and mix with the wine, resulting in oxidation. Signs of an oxidized wine include the smell of a burnt marshmallow or wet cardboard.

Moreover, LED lights do not produce UV rays. When exposed to excessive temperatures and UV light, the wine will have a light-struck flavor and can result in spoilage. It is the main reason wines are stored in dark colored bottles. Wine experts also say that one should avoid storing wines near the windows where they will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Display Row Lighting Installed and Designed by Custom Wine Cellars Orange County
Display Row Lighting Installed and Designed by Custom Wine Cellar Orange County
A Well-Lit Home Wine Cellar in Orange County
A Well-Lit Home Wine Cellar in Orange County

The LED lighting system is a bit expensive. However, it will help you save money because it is energy saving and has a longer lifespan than any other types of bulbs. Never choose an affordable option and suffer from the consequences later on.

Dramatic Lighting Will Improve the Visual Appeal of Your Wine Cellar

Whether you want a traditional or modern wine cellar, it is necessary that your lighting illuminates it attractively without overdoing it. By using LED lights, you can highlight your wine cellar and other areas in your racking dramatically.

With various styles of LED lighting systems available, you have to make sure that your choice will suit your requirements. You can choose between track lighting (also known as spotlighting), recessed can lights, accent lighting, indirect lighting (e.g., wall sconces), or chandeliers. You may combine any of these lighting systems to create the mood that you want and highlight some of your bottles on display.

Illuminate Your Wine Room Effectively with the Help of a Wine Cellar Lighting Expert in Orange County

You must consult an expert to ensure that the lighting system installed in your wine cellar is safe, efficient, and attractive. If you need help with your next project, please do not hesitate to contact Custom Wine Cellar Orange County at +1 (949) 994-9463

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