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Impressive Transformation of Two Small Rooms Into an Impressive Custom Wine Cellar Completed by Expert Designers in Orange County

In this project, Custom Wine Cellar Orange County and Coastal Custom Wine Cellar had to merge the owner’s family room and garage, and knock out a larger portion of the wall area to create a spacious wine cellar. Despite the challenges we encountered in this project, we used our expertise and creativity in transforming rooms into an elegant custom wine cellar that could store more than a thousand bottles.

Top-Notch Builders in Orange County Transformed Two Rooms Into a Tastefully Designed Residential Custom Wine Cellar

When building wine rooms, challenges in spaces are common. However, when your chosen builder is experienced, creative, and passionate, you do not have to worry about anything. At Custom Wine Cellar Orange County, we always find ways to provide a smart solution to every challenge we face in wine cellar construction.

In one of our residential projects, we worked with Coastal Custom Wine Cellar, one of the most trusted designers and installers of wine storage facilities. The owners had an existing family room, which they wanted to merge with the garage to create a storage place for their wine collection.

Home Custom Wine Cellar 3D Drawing Created by a Trusted Designer in Orange County
Home Custom Wine Cellar 3D Drawing Created by a Trusted Designer in Orange County
Construction Phase: How We Merged the Garage and Family Room to Create a Sophisticated Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County

The family room and garage share a common wall. Coastal Custom Wine Cellar decided to demolish that wall to create a more extensive wine cellar. The completed wine room is 9 ½ feet wide and 8 feet deep.

They also renovated the family room as part of the construction project. To make it look more elegant, they added stone around the fireplace, existing windows, floor, and ceiling. They also replaced the carpet with wood flooring to add more character to the room. They used Premium Redwood wall paneling to cover the walls of this custom wine cellar in Orange County.

Beer Taps and Stemware Custom Wine Rack Design Created for a Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County

Functional and Stylish Wine Racks

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar installed custom wine racks on the three walls. The wine rack system was designed with form and function in mind.

Back Wall

The focal point of this custom wine cellar in Orange County is the back wall, which is the wall across from the entrance door. Coastal installed two beer taps set into beautiful stonework at the center of the back wall. The kegorator and draft beer dispenser, which are located in the garage, are connected to the beer taps.

Below the beer taps are drawers designed for storing wine accessories. The bottom section consists of diamond X bins that store wine in bulk. The rest of the wine racks are for storing the bottles individually.

Left and Right Walls

The left and right walls consist of individual wine racks, display rows, stemware racks, and a tabletop. The stemware racks store the wine glasses upside down.

The Coastal team added a tabletop to each wall. The Cooperage style tabletops are made from the outer portion of the reclaimed wine barrels’ head. There are distinct markings on the wood, which indicate the content of the wine barrel.

To maximize the storage capacity of the wine cellar, Coastal added double-deep individual wine racks (with a 27–inch depth) below the tabletops.

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar Door Installed Correctly by Experts in Orange County

When building a refrigerated custom wine cellar in Orange County, always keep in mind that the door plays a crucial role in achieving the ideal conditions required for the proper aging of your wines. It must be exterior grade and installed with sealing components. In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar installed a double Barolo style door, which is made of a wooden frame and glass panels.

To create an airtight seal, they equip the contemporary style custom wine cellar door with weather stripping on all the edges to seal the gaps. This sealing component will prevent the warm air from entering the wine room and the cold air from escaping. Without the proper seal, there will be temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels, which can damage your wine’s quality.

Moreover, the glass panels were thermally insulated to prevent condensation from forming inside the wine cellar. Lack of or poor insulation will trigger mold growth that can damage the cork, wine racks, bottle labels, walls, and ceiling.

View the different styles of wine cellar doors that we offer.

Creating the Perfect Storage Environment by Using an Efficient Wine Cooling System

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar used a ducted split system for this residential project in Orange County. This type of cooling unit offers ultra quiet operation and maximum efficiency.

Arctic Metalworks, one of the most trusted refrigeration experts in California, installed the split type system. They placed the evaporator inside the wine room above the entryway. The condenser, which is the noisier component of a climate control system, was installed outdoors in the yard near the house.

Learn more about the different types of wine cellar refrigeration systems offered by Custom Wine Cellar Orange County.

Custom Wine Cellar’s Security Feature

The owners wanted to add a security feature to their beautiful custom wine cellar in Orange County. They said they do not want their children having access to alcohol when no one is around, and they want to protect their prized wines.

Residential Custom Wine Cellar with an Efficient Refrigeration System and a Well-Sealed Barolo Style Door Installed by Expert Designers in Orange County
Residential Custom Wine Cellar with an Efficient Refrigeration System and a Well-Sealed Barolo Style Door Installed by Expert Designers in Orange County

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